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Tagline: “The home of wedding speeches”

Good for…

  • One-liners – thousands of them!
  • Hints and tips
  • Templates and sample speeches
  • Clipboard functionality
  • Not too expensive to access
  • UK and US versions


Not so good for…

  • Free content – you need to pay (a small amount) to access the full site


The details…

A site describing itself as a “wedding speech builder” and “the home of wedding speeches” is arguably setting the bar pretty high for itself.

The good news here is that the (self) hype is justified.

You enter via the main speech types covered: Best Man, Father of Bride, Groom and Bride.

Each section has a wealth of resources, much of which is free to view. These include classic one-liners, speech templates, as well as hints on how to plan and perform your speech. Nice added touches include a “line of the month” (fully archived and searchable) and topical lines.

The speech material and example speeches really set this site apart, though. Each section has a pretty near comprehensive list of categories and themes from which to pick. Clicking into each gives you two examples for free (or one sample speech) – to access all the content you need to pay £10 (or $15.99 for the US site), which gives you 12 months’ access.

I have learnt the hard way that, in the world of the internet, you do not always get what you’re promised. However, with this site, you really do get a lot of material for your £10. A nice and useful little feature is a clipboard, which allows you to select your favourites and collect them in one place.

Yes, there is some repetition, but the website’s claim that there are thousands of one-liners here isn’t far wrong, as far as I can tell.

When researching my own wedding speeches, I have found this to be a very useful starting point, using it to dump out a load of lines which I could then weave in with my own personal content. As for how I went about doing that, The Wedding Speech Manual gives you the full details… (shameless plug – sorry!)

So, to summarise, in my view this is one of the most comprehensive sources of material for wedding speeches on the internet. It’s not free, but £10 is a small enough amount of money in the grand scheme of things (when you consider all the other things you have to shell out for at a wedding!), and you really do get enough material for that money to easily fill out your speech.




Peter D Oxley
Pete Oxley is a freelance writer and business manager who lives in the English Home Counties. He enjoys reading and writing in a wide range of areas but his main passions are sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and Steampunk. Influences include HG Wells, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, KW Jeter, Scott Lynch, Clive Barker and Joss Whedon. Author of the non-fiction book "The Wedding Speech Manual" and the historical fantasy series "The Infernal Aether". He lives with his wife, two young sons and a slowly growing guitar collection. Probably a masochist: aside from writing and willingly speaking in front of large crowds of strangers, Pete spends his spare time playing music badly and supporting football teams that play badly.

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