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Profile pic with bookLike many people, I used to be terrified of speaking in public, to groups of any size. However, I learnt to overcome that fear and now have over 20 years of experience of speechmaking and public speaking, including:

  • Wedding speeches (of course!)
  • Business presentations to managers, directors and clients
  • Presenting to large groups of colleagues, employees and complete strangers – from crowds of 50 to 500+ people
  • Delivering training and coaching sessions on all aspects of public speaking
  • As a trainer on numerous other training courses


In spite of being an experienced speaker, my biggest moment of fear came during a few short months in 2007 when I was called on to make two wedding speeches – first as the groom at my own wedding, and then as the best man at my friends’ wedding!

I scoured all of the books and websites I could find until I realised (in the best, cheesy, Hollywood-type of way!) that the answer was inside of me all that time – my many years of public speaking had given me all of the skills and techniques needed to write and perform the speeches confidently, calmly and professionally.

This experience lead me to write “The Wedding Speech Manual” and to coach others so that they can have the pleasure of knowing that they can deliver their perfect wedding speech – and without the need for the day to be ruined by nerves!

I am currently working on further public speaking projects to supplement The Wedding Speech Manual, including a bespoke set of online training tools! In addition, I am working on The Business Presentation Manual which will do for business presentations what The Wedding Speech Manual does for weddings!

I am also a freelance writer, with my debut Gothic Fantasy novel “The Infernal Aether” out now on Amazon. See www.peteroxleyauthor.com for more information on this and all my current and future projects.

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