The Wedding Speech Manual

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The Wedding Speech Manual

The Complete Guide to Preparing, Writing and Performing Your Wedding Speech



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Do an outstanding wedding speech – in 7 easy steps!

Do you need to do a wedding speech but have no idea how to start or what to say?

Are you nervous about standing up and speaking in public?

Or do you just need some pointers to get that speech 100% awesome?

Are you looking for a practical guide to walk you through the whole wedding speech process?

The Wedding Speech Manual is here for you.


Your 7 Steps to Wedding Speech Success – I will show you:

(1) Preparation – how to calm your nerves and be fully prepared before and on the wedding day

(2) Get your material – three simple ways to get you overflowing with ideas in no time – your main problem will be what to leave out!

(3) Structure and write your speech – how to turn those ideas into a great speech quickly and painlessly

(4) Edit your speech – how to polish your speech into the best it can possibly be

(5) Practice – the secret sauce – massively boost your confidence and ability to stand up and deliver your speech

(6) Delivery – do your speech as confidently, calmly and impressively as any professional

(7) Troubleshooting – so you’re 100% prepared for anything that could possibly happen!


The Wedding Speech Manual is your complete, practical, step-by-step guide to writing and performing a personalised wedding speech which will be enjoyed and cherished by your loved ones, friends and family.

“Thank you very much Mr Peter Oxley, the wedding was yesterday and the speech went down a storm. This book helped me so much, everyone said I nailed it. If anyone out there has a wedding speech to do soon, then forget the rest, this book is the only one you’ll need or want. Thanks again” – Robert Butler


This comprehensive yet readable guide is for all wedding speakers – father of the bride, groom, best man, brides, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids – and will:

  • Give you the confidence that you have an excellent, original wedding speech which hits all the right notes
  • Get your wedding speech written quickly – so you can focus on practising and all the other things you have to do!
  • Show you the tools which the professionals use to master their nerves – so you can deliver your speech confidently, coolly and calmly – and enjoy the big day!


The Wedding Speech Manual will show you:

  • What you will be expected to say and do
  • How to master your nerves and stop them getting in the way of your successful speech
  • How to find loads of entertaining and amusing material to fill your speech
  • How to get the audience on your side right from the start
  • The key reasons why so many wedding speeches fail – and how to make sure yours doesn’t
  • How to write and perfect your speech – a lot quicker and easier than you ever thought possible
  • The “dreaded wedding speech etiquette” made simple – what you should and shouldn’t say
  • How to deliver your speech as confidently, calmly and impressively as possible
  • How to handle all the other stuff which can blind-side a public speaker: like using props, microphones and handling difficult audiences


Pick up The Wedding Speech Manual now and deliver your perfect wedding speech.

Reviews for The Wedding Speech Manual:

“Speaking as ‘The Wedding Speech Coach’ and in the same business as the Author, Peter Oxley, this updated edition is a must for those who want to be successful speakers at Weddings. The title speaks for itself – it really is a ‘Complete Guide’.”

– Graham Le-Gall,
“I found this book really helpful. This is the first time I have made a speech, it is for my son’s wedding, and I found that it covered all the things I was worried about.”
– Michael Holt,
“This book helped with every aspect of giving a speech at a wedding, including getting over one’s fears!”
– Kimberley Durnell,

“I found this book really helpful as whilst I wasn’t overly nervous at the thought of public speaking, I needed inspiration on where to start plus proper guidance on structure, content etc.”
– Mr Christopher Brewster,

“This book helped me so much, everyone said I nailed it.”
– Robert Butler,


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Pick up The Wedding Speech Manual now and deliver your perfect wedding speech.

About the author:

A wedding speech veteran with over 25 years of public speaking experience, Peter Oxley has drawn on extensive experience presenting in a variety of situations, as well as the secrets of the professionals, to write a book which is relevant to all wedding speakers – father of the bride, mother of the bride, groom, bride, best man, maid of honour and bridesmaids.