Wedding Speech Manual Audiobook Giveaway!

170413_cover graphicSo you asked, and I have delivered – The Wedding Speech Manual: The Complete Guide to Preparing, Writing and Performing Your Wedding Speech is now available on audiobook! So you can learn all about pulling together and doing that awesome wedding speech whether you’re in the car, walking the dog or just wandering around the house…

You can check it out by clicking here (or here for the UK link).

To celebrate this launch, the lovely people at Audible have given me some free audiobooks to give away – unfortunately only for the .com and stores, so apologies if you’re outside of either of those. But if not, check out the links below:

The contest:

The contest:

I’m also throwing in some free copies of the paperback too… It’s very easy to enter – just (a) answer the really simple question, (b) fill in your email address and then (c) keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation link, which also includes your unique entry code which can gain you extra chances to win each time you share it.

Good luck!




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